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Many of us are fortunate enough to have never had to bury someone.  However, that also means most are unfamiliar with the costs involved.  This pricing guide is meant to give you a general overview of what you should expect to spend on our products and services.

Grave Prices:  Most graves in the cemetery are priced at $1500 or less. This price includes the contribution we must make per state law to the cemetery care fund. This price is for the cost of the grave and care only and not the digging or backfilling of the grave that is necessary when a burial needs to be made.

Niche Prices:  A niche for cremated remains in the new columbarium will cost between $1695-$1995 complete.  This includes engraving the niche front and opening the niche to place the urn inside and then resealing it. 

Digging and Backfilling Grave Price:  When a burial is made, the grave must be dug and then backfilled once the casket is lowered into the ground.  The price for this service is $1950-$2300 and includes the use of the cemetery chapel for the final farewell or a graveside service where a tent and chairs will be set up for the family.  This price is in addition to the price of the grave.

Headstone Prices:  You will want to mark the grave of your loved one once the burial has been made.  We can help.  Options include a flat granite or bronze marker or an upright monument.  As you can imagine, there is a wide price range depending on the size and style chosen.  Generally speaking single markers range in price from $900-$2500.  Companion markers range in price from $1975-$4000.  Upright monuments for two graves start at about $3600. 

Package Prices:  The cemetery offers several burial packages as described on our packages page.  These packages are designed to be convenient and cost effective.  Depending on the package chosen, the price will range from $1300-$6600.

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