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Grave Decoration Policies


To maintain the natural beauty of the landscape and ensure a safe and peaceful environment for all who visit, Elmhurst Cemetery has the following rules regarding the placement of grave decorations.

  • All flowers must be placed in approved plastic or wood containers.  Glass containers are not allowed.

  • Trinkets, glass vases, candles, shepherd hooks, decorative stones or border edgings are prohibited and will be removed by cemetery personnel.

  • In-ground annual plantings are allowed on upright monuments lots only and may not extend further than 12" from the front base of the memorials.  The planting of perennials, trees, bushes and shrubs are prohibited.

  • Grave decorations must not interfere with cemetery operations or maintenance.  Such decorations will be removed by cemetery personnel.

  • Each year the cemetery undergoes a spring and fall lean up.  No decorations are permitted March 15-31 and October 15-31.  If you wish to save your decorations, be sure to remove them prior to the clean up start dates.  All decorations left on graves during these clean up periods will be removed.

  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the grounds.

  • All vehicles must park on the right hand side of the road.

While cemetery employees will take care not to damage any grave decorations, we regret that we cannot guarantee all decorations will remain free from damage or loss and we cannot accept responsibility for these occurrences.

For a complete list of cemetery rules and regulations, please visit the cemetery office.

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